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Hello Watz Books and Teasers,

Today I was working out with one new item in my routine, since I don't have a dance partner anymore and the others aren't willing to learn I had to learn how to work out differently.
     I have gotten closer with Craig for he will come when he's free and work out with me. He said its the hardest cardio he ever does. However I do a lot of DDP Yoga. It keeps my flexiable and it allows me to feel like I was never so injured.
     I can finally understand why dancers and wrestlers are jumping on the bandwagon of this. I never thought I could add it to my work out routine and have to change very little.
     Edward does it and he looks better than I was expecting. When I was stretching with him in the ring, I had to push myself to just to look like I was in the same condition as him.
     That is saying something.
     Harold is acting strange in other news, I think he had some meeting that has him all worked up. He asked me a lot of question about Amber and Layla. Especially when it came to our Creative Meetings.
     I noticed that Nina is pulling away and I think she has done something to make him this way.
     I never thought I was going to be a mother, now that I'm her mother its not sitting to well with me. I don't have any idea how to show her that I'm the boss other than through my dance methods.
     That is not going to work here.
     I hope to work it out soon, Layla and Amber are seeing Charlie and he doesn't think I know. I do, like he is back wrestling because he feels like needs to pay them the rent of the place we have all been paying for him.
     Dad has no idea how rich we are or how rich I'll be very soon and lets just say that Harold has no idea what he is about to face.
     Love it when a plan comes together.

     Marie McCarthyx


Hello Readers,

     Today I was given an amazing job by Harold and I know that he is trying to encourage me to stay put after the films done. Going to meet Amber soon about the Studio business.
     She seems worried.

     I found out about what dad did to Perthlin and he did a job on him for sure. I watched Perthlin arrive at work today with a limp and some shades covering what I guess is the most recent black eye he's gotten from Charlie.
     I know my dad's trying to provoke him to doing something worse so that he can make sure we know what a monster Perthlin is. However I think there is something that has changed about him.
     Perthlin is caring about things, not just Harold and WWIC, but me and the deals we made. He is even keeping himself careful and not exploding over those to whom threaten his plans or the people that he is caring about.
     He might be dating someone else, however I feel like we are getting past the past and we might find a way to be friends.
     I haven't gotten through a day without thinking about Derek, but I have over loaded myself forcing myself to find something to cling onto in the world of WWIC's film.
     Harold will not get it, but then again Harold struggles to get it without me explaining it to him. No matter how smart he is, he can't see where we are going.
     I can.
     With that I will leave you all to read the blog and enjoy your day, no matter where you are.



15 July  2014

Marie's World- 15-07

 Dear Everyone,
 So today I went out with Perthlin to get some motorbikes to use on the film set. I have to say the experience was fun and he I'm sure will post some awesome pictures of him being on that Harley.
 I never remembered the good side to Perthlin because I'm always dealing with the aggressive business Perthlin. He still has that soft side. No matter how many times I tell myself to not fall for the kindness its hard.

Today I heard about Edward's upcoming match and I hope that he makes it through okay. At least I'll not be worrying about him. Layla seems to love Will more and Edward's not getting the hint. So I may have to do something. I have a feeling that Amber's thoughts will be appearing soon.

She is never one to remain quiet for far to long.

I'm going to head off to the one place where I know that I can get some training done. Harold has been watching me a lot since I got home. I know that the more I train the better  prepared I will be for the film set.

            Enjoy the pictures.


Welcome to Marie's World Marie has been nice enough to send me a message that I can share with you guys so here it is.

2nd July 2014

Hello Watz Books and Teasers,

So I heard that this was going to be my new outlet space for me to share my thoughts with the world. I'm honored that they are allowing me to share my thoughts and my side of the story.
     I'm in Chicago now and sorry if that is a spoiler to you for those who are reading the book. Well my life isn't it?
     Today its warm with it being 68'F and the humidity is doing my hair no good. I look more like a was elasticated, but in Chicago that is nothing new.  
            The sky's clouded over and I'm writing this note on the balcony of Harold's home. Yes another spoiler I'm sorry, but you should be reading the book not this blog if you want to know my story.
     I'm sure the fabulous Caryn will give you the buy links to get it. I'm going to be doing this a lot. My team are telling me that people like to hear from me and I'm grateful for Caryn for taking over her blog with my thoughts.
     Today I grabbed a bear claw from Floriole Bakery just off Webster Avenue because its got the best baked goods, have you see the outside of the store.
     Harold at least knows a good place to eat. I'm dreading what his notes are going to be like. So if you read them I'm sorry for my husband's insane mind, but what can I say.
     The more insane they are the more fun they are.
     I'm still hurting over losing Derek and I'll leave you all with the question. Do you think I should have left Derek and is Harold really right for me?
     What about Craig?
     Should I meet him for a coffee and hear what he has to say or just bury myself in the problems of Harold, my broken heart/family?
Marie McCarthy...

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